Onward Beach Bocce Rules

Boat Games

  • The iPad is the best personal electronic gadget ever as it offers a myriad of opportunities for diversion, amusement, learning, communication, reading, and creativity.
  • Buy one and load the many available free eBook aps; then load a library of free and for-purchase eBooks; get more whenever you have internet.
  • Take advantage of the many game aps for entertainment individually or with others.
  • Many navigation aps are available and are great backup and planning tools.
  • Replace your 20 lbs of crossword and suduku books with crossword and suduku aps.
  • Use the Zinio ap to subscribe to your favorite sailing magazines and do away with the paper copies.
  • Use it for your email and you will not have to lug a heavy laptop ashore in the dinghy any more.
  • Warning: be prepared to deal with the possibility of addiction; strife from your crew wanting to use it when you do is another potential hazard ;<)

Updated: 23 Dec 2010