Beach Bocce

Game Components:

Ball fishing floats of various diameters – used as found in the beach wrack.

Game Rules:

Choose Teams – may have 2 or more teams with 1 or more players on a team.

Choose one distinctive float of any size as the target ball.

Give each player a float (or 2 or 3) - depending on the number of floats available and how many random rum drinks the group has had.

Select a team to go first – use any means to make the choice that makes you happy.

The lead team starts the round of play by throwing out the target float on the beach.

A team member throws / rolls / tosses / lobs a float attempting to get as close to the target ball as possible.

After the first member of the first team has thrown its first float the second team throws its first float.

After the second float has been thrown, check to see which team’s float is closer.

The team whose float is closest to the target does not throw again until it is no longer the closest.

Each team / team member plays in succession as long as it does not have the float closest to the target.

Play continues until all the floats have been thrown.

At the end of play, the team whose float is closest to the target gets one point for each float that is closer to the target than any other team’s closest float.

Points are totaled for each round of play until 21 points are reached or the rum runs out.

Final Rule: Hey:, Mon. Do what you want – this is cruising in the Bahamas!

  • Updated: 21 April 2009