How to Use the Guide.

Updated: 15 March 2018

General Guidance on How to Use the
  • The Bahamas Cruisers Guide lists information needed to support the cruising life style.
  • Services, Facilities, and Attractions and are listed by Island group then Cay / Island, anchorage.
  • Start with the Geographic Index [on Home Page or Menu Sidebar]
  • The Bahamas Cruisers Guide has been designed to need relatively low bandwidth to use on line. Bandwidth gobbling graphics are kept to a minimum, for example.

Main Menu Topics

Geographic Index
  • The Geographic Index presents a list of Island groups and the associated islands / cays and anchorages.
  • Services, Facilities, and Attractions information is indexed by island group then cay / island and then anchorage or settlement where appropriate.
  • Click on the place of interest to go to the specific page for that area which will also provide links to Google maps of the area.
  • For each cay / island / settlement / anchorage, Information about facilities and service is provided in the format of a standard set of topics listed alphabetically. Entries under each topic are also listed alphabetically.
  • Where no service is available for a topic or reliable primary source data is not available, the topic has no entry.
  • Where the information is available phone numbers and website links, etc. are provided.
  • As information becomes available from primary sources or other cruisers, it is added, after review, under the appropriate topic.
  • Comments provided by cruisers are indicated
  • A list of Google Maps with information about specific areas.
  • Google maps with facilities and attractions are provided for many of the principal cruising areas; they can be viewed by the links on this page or by links on the associated geographic area page.
  • Map pins show the location of a facility, service or attraction.
  • To use the map, select the appropriate map link and request the larger view to see both the map and the list of map pins.
  • Click on a map pin and the map will slew to that location.
  • Click the + or - to zoom in or out.
Cruising Topics
  • A list of topics about cruising.
Passage Reports
  • Reports provided by cruising boats about passages they have made through specific areas.
Cruising Advice
  • Important advice about cruising in the Bahamas.
General Information
  • A menu of pages covering topics of general interest to cruisers.
  • Information about events during the current cruising season.
  • Whimsey - fun & games.
  • A list of blogs and websites for boats cruising in the Bahamas.
  • Good sources of cruising information.
Useful Links
  • Links to websites of interest to cruisers.
Add to the Guide
  • Information about how cruisers can provide reports that will extend the guide and assist fellow cruisers.
  • Cruisers are encouraged to provide comments concerning new facilities and attractions as well as corrections for existing entries.
  • Bahamian business are encouraged to provide descriptions of the services and facilities they offer for cruisers.
About the Guide
  • Information about the goals and purpose of the Guide.