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Help improve the Guide.
  • Suggested additions to the Guide: businesses, services, activities, attractions. etc.
  • Experiences with anchorages, passages, activities, etc.
  • Recommendations or comments for businesses & services.
  • Places to be added to the Google maps of facilities and attractions.
  • Link your blog.
  • List your boat.
  • Correct errors in the Guide.
  • Help the Bahamian businesses that support you by making them aware of the Guide. and the ability to get free publicity.

Bahamian Businesses:

Provide information about your business or service
  • Name
  • Phone
  • Website / email link
  • Services offered
  • Location
  • Hours of operation
  • Brief background information about you and your business
  • Special offers (include dates)
  • Correct errors in the Guide.

Note for Bahamian Businesses: The Bahamas Cruisers Guide will display a reasonable amount information provided by you about your business at no charge to you. Tell your friends!

Updated: 22 Dec 11