The Bahamas Tourist Office provides an extensive guide for private pilots.

Greg Rolle, Chief Aviation Specialist
Bahamas Tourist Office
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  • Gorda Cay, Bight of Abaco
  • Marsh Harbor, Great Abaco
  • Mores Island
  • Sandy Point, Great Abaco
  • Scotland Cay
  • Spanish Cay
  • Treasure Cay
  • Walkers Cay
Acklin Island
  • Acklins Airport; Spring Point. 22º26.6'N, 75º58.5'W.
  • Congo Town Airport. Located below Driggs Hill, South Andros. 24º04.5'N, 77º35.5'W.
  • Fresh Creek Airport. 24º41.9'N, 77º47.5'W.
  • Mangrove Cay Airport. 24º090.4'N, 77º35.5'W.
  • Moxey Town. 24º17.3'N, 77º41.1'W.
  • San Andros Airport. 25º03.2'N, 75º03.0'W
  • Chub Cay; 5000'; paved. 25º25.1'N; 75º52.8'W
  • Great Harbour Airport; Great Harbor Cay. 24º44.3'N, 75º50.4'W.
  • Little Whale Cay. 25º26.9'N, 75º45.5'W.
  • Whale Cay. 25º24.2'N; 75º47.3'W.
  • South Bimini. 25º42.0'N, 79º15.9'W.
  • Ocean Cay
  • Cat Cay
Cat Island
  • Arthur's Town Airport; 3100'. 24º37.8'N, 75º40.5'W.
  • Cutlass Bay
  • Hawks Nest Airstrip; 5000'; paved. 24º09.3'N 75º31.2W.
  • New Bight International Airport. 24º18'.9N, 75º27.3'W.
Cay Sal
  • Cay Sal
Crooked Island
  • Colonial Hill, Crooked Island Airport. 22º44.8'N, 74º10.9'W.
  • Pitts Town.
  • Cape Eleuthera
  • Govenor's Harbour Airport. 25º17'N, 76–19.9'W.
  • Harbour Island airstrip. 25º29.3'N, 76º38.1'W.
  • North Eleuthera Airport (ELH). 25º28.2'N, 76º41'W.
  • Cave Cay airstrip; 2800'; packed coral. 23º54.7'N, 76º16.5'W.
  • Darby Island
  • Great Exuma; George Town International Airport; GGT. 26º33.8'N,76º52.5'W.
  • Great Guana; Black Point; paved. 24º05.3'N, 76º23.8'W.
  • Hog Cay
  • Lee Stocking Island. 23º46.5'N, 76º06.3'W.
  • Little Farmers Cay; 2500'; paved. 23º57.7'N, 76º19.6'W.
  • Little Darby Island. 23º51.5'N, 76º13.4'W.
  • Normans Cay
  • N Sampson Cay
  • Ragged Island
  • Rudder Cut Cay. 23º53.2'N, 76º15.2W.
  • Staniel Cay; 3000'; paved. 24º10.2'N, 76º26.3'W.
Grand Bahama
  • Freeport; Freeport International Airport
  • West End
Great Inagua
  • Mathew Town, Great Inagua Airport; 242-339-1680. 20º58.5'N, 73º40.1'W.
Jumentos / Ragged Island
  • Ragged Island; Duncan Town. 22º10.9'N, 75º43.8'W.
Long Island
  • Deadman's Cay Airport; 242-337-0877. 23º10.7'N, 75º05.6'W.
  • Hog Cay. 23º36.1'N, 75º20.3'W.
  • Stella Maris Airport; 242-338-2050 / 2051. 23º35'N, 75º16.2W.
  • Mayaguana Airfield. 20º23'N, 73º01'W.
New Providence
  • Nassau, Pinder International Airport
Rum Cay
  • Port Nelson, Airstrip; 4500'; paved. 23º41'N, 74º50.1W'.
San Salvador
  • Cockburn Town, San Salvador, International Airport (ZSA). 24º03.8'N,74º31.8'W.

Latitude & Longitude where shown are for approximate midpoint of airstrip.

Airport Codes for Bahamas Airports
ART Arthurs Town, Cat Island
ASD Andros
BIM Bimini
CHB Chub Cay
DMC Deadmans Cay, Long Island
ELH North Eleuthera
FPT Freeport
GGT George Town, Great Exuma
GHB Govenors Harbour
GIN Great Inagua
MHH Marsh Harbour, Great Abaco
MIS Moores Island
NAS Nassau
PID Paradise Island
RSD Rock Sound
SML Stella Maris Airport; Long Island
TBI New Bight, Cat Island
TCB Treasure Cay
ZSA San Salvador

Updated: 21 Jan 12