Crooked Island

Settlements: Pitts Town, Landrall Point, Church Grove, Cabbage Hill, Colonel Hill, Major's Cay, Fairfield, Richmond

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  • Crooked Island Airport. 22º44.8'N, 74º10.9'W.
Air Service
  • Bahamasair; 242-344-2357. Service Wednesday and Saturdays.
  • Charter flights to Pitts Town private airstrip.
  • Pineapple Air Limited; 242-344-2006.
  • Landrail point: offshore of settlement; protection from E; swell.
Area Information / Tourism
  • Bahamas Area Websites. Sites that can be searched for tourist and business information throughout the Bahamas.
Art Gallery / Art
  • Eunice Deleveaux's Bakery. Colonel Hill.
  • Marina Gibson's; "Lunch Room", VHF Ch-16. Fresh bread. Landrail Point.
Bank & ATM
  • There are no banks in the district. Money Orders can be sent and received at Colonel Hill Post Office.
Beverage Store
Bike Rental
Boat Rental / Charter
Book Exchange
BTC / Batelco Office
  • 242-344-2017. Bullet Hill.
  • 242-344-2590; Fax 242-344-2402. Church Grove.
  • 242-344-2686; Fax: 242-344-2502. Colonel Hill.
  • 242-344-2170. Fair Field.
  • 242-344-2676. Landrail Point.
  • 242-344-2165. Major's Cay.
  • 242-344-2059. Thompson's.
Car Rental
  • C&C Enterprises; 242-344-2359; 242-466-9770; Major's Cay.
  • Sonsette Villas Beach Resort & Car Rental; 242-344-2041. Winding Bay Major's Cay.
Cell Phone Service

  • All Saints Anglican.
  • Baptist.
  • Church of God.
  • Evangelistic Chapel.
  • Seventh Day Adventist.
Coffee Shop
Cruisers Net
Customs & Immigration
Dinghy Landing

  • Landrail Point: beach or small boat basin.
  • Church Grove: at Turtle Sound; long walk to settlement.
  • BASRA; VHF Ch-16. Local representative located in Landrail Point.
  • Government ferry; "Windsor", VHF Ch-16; Church Grove to Long Cay. Wednesday and Saturday. No fee.
  • Bonefishing: Willis McKinney; "Ocean View", VHF Ch-16. Landrail Point.
  • Bonefishing: Elton McKinney; "Sunset", VHF Ch-16. Cabbage Hill.
  • Sportsfishing: "Blue Thunder"; VHF Ch-16. Landrail Point.
Fresh Fish

  • Scavella's Fuel; 242-344-2598; "Early Bird", VHF Ch-16. Landrail Point. Diesel and gas; use dinghy and jerry jugs or mailboat pier if depth and weather permit for delivery by truck.
  • Ezekiel Thompson's. Gas and diesel; delivery can be arranged to Church Grove Landing. Cabbage Hill.
Golf Cart / Scooter Rental
Government / Administrator
  • Crooked/Acklins/Long Cay District; 242-344-2197. Colonel Hill.
Groceries & Produce
  • Ask about for locals who have fruit and produce to sell.
  • Eunice Deleveaux's Store. Colonel Hill.
  • Marina Gibson's Guest House. Produce Landrail Point.
  • Scaveila's. Landrail Point.
  • South Land. Largest store in areal Major's Cay.
  • T&S. Canned and dry goods. Cabbage Hill.
Hardware & Lumber
  • T&S. Cabbage Hill.
Ice Cream
Internet & WiFi

  • Landrail Point Public Library; 242-344-2562.
  • Crooked Island Beach Inn; 242-344-2321.
  • Deleveaux's. Colonel Hill.
  • McKinney's, Colonel Hill.
  • Pitts Town Point Landings Hotel; 242-344-3=2507; 800-752-2322. Bonefishing lodge.
  • 3P's. Colonel Hill.
  • T&S Guest House. Cabbage Hill.
  • Thompson's Beach Inn. Colonel Hill.
Marina & Dockage
Marine Supplies & Parts
  • T&S. Cabbage Hill. Outboard parts; limited.
Marine Services & Repairs
  • C&C Enterprises; 242-344-2359; 242-466-9770; Major's Cay. Stocks batteries and some auto parts.
  • Clinton Scavelia; "Snow White", VHF Ch-16. Outboard mechanic. Landrail Point.
  • Timothy Thompson; "Cold Front", VHF Ch-16. Diesel mechanic. Cabbage Hill.
Medical / Clinic / Pharmacy
  • Government clinic.. Colonel Hill.
  • Government clinic; 242-344-2345 / 2166. Landrail Point.
  • Government clinic.. Major's Cay.
  • District Doctor; 242-344-2615. Spring Point.
Packages & Shipping
Personal Services
  • 242-344-2599. Cononel Hill.
Post Office / Mail
  • 242-344-2526. Colonel Hill.
  • Mail pick-up at Gibson's Store for items addressed to: Yacht Name, c/o Gibson's Store, Landrail Point, Crooked Island, Bahamas.
  • Thompson's Beach Inn. Will send tanks by mailboat to Nassau; return in a week. Cabbage Hill.
Restaurant & Bar
  • Deleveaux's. Colonel Hill.
  • Ferguson's Midway. Cabbage Hill.
  • Gibson's Lunch Room #2; 242-344-2020. Landrail Point.
  • Hide Out Bar & Grill; 242-344-2310. Richmond.
  • Marina Gibson's Lunch Room. Bahamian food. Landrail Point.
  • Ozzie's Cafe. American cuisine. Pitts Town.
  • Seaside Cafe Restaurant; 242-344-2417. Landrail Point.
  • Sunny Lea. Colonel Hill.
Retail Therapy - Shopping
  • Sharon's Boutique & Gift Collection; 242-344-2609. Landrail Point.
Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

  • "Windsor"; VHF Ch-16. Contact for transportation to ferry.
Things to See & Do
  • Sightseeing tours: Kendall Farquharson. Albert Town.
VHF Protocol


  • Public well in Landrail Point.
  • Water can be trucked to mailboat dock or basin. Jerry jugs are best.
  • Marine Weather Center; Daily SSB, webcast, & email forecasts by Chris Parker. Note: Best reception in this area is usually on 4045 KHz USB Simplex at 0630 AST.
  • Bahamas Met Office website provides weather forecast for local areas throughout the Bahamas.

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