Cape Santa Maria, Long Island

Settlements: Seymours, Glentons, Burnt Ground, Stella Maris, Millerton

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Updated: 3 April 2017

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  • Stella Maris Airport; 242-338-2050 / 2051. 23º35'N, 75º16.2W

Air Service

  • Air Sunshine; 954-434-8900; 800-435-8900. Charter service from Ft. Lauderdale.
  • Bahamasair; 242-338-2015; 800-222-4362. Service to Nassau daily.
  • Island Express; 954-359-0360. Service from Ft. Lauderdale.
  • Federal Aviation Administration; 242-338-2008; . Stella Maris.
  • Island Wings; 242-338- 0360/0028; 242-472-8888; Charter service.
  • Pineapple Air Limited; 242-338-2070. Stella Maris.
  • Stella Maris Resort Aviation; 242-338-2051 / 2053. Charter service.
  • Southern Air Charter; 242-338-2095. Stella Maris.


  • Calabash Bay: Good anchorage in sand off beautiful beach. Protection from NE to ESE; requires settled weather due to swell.
  • Joe's Sound: Narrow, limited swing room, shallow entrance.
  • N of St. Peters Point: Good anchorage in sand off beautiful beach. Protection from NE to ESE; requires even more settled weather than Calabash Bay due to swell which will refract around the N point.

Area Information / Tourism

  • Bahamas Area Websites. Sites that can be searched for tourist and business information throughout the Bahamas.

Art Gallery / Art


Bank & ATM

  • Scotiabank; 242-338-2057. Across the highway from Stella Maris Marina and near Stella Maris Airport.

Beverage Store

Bike Rental

Boat Rental
/ Charter
  • Beach Bungalows and Bonefishing Lodge; 242-338-8444; 242-472-1222/1199;; Deals Beach. Offers kayaks, a small catamaran and motor boats for rent. A unique bubble-bottom boat will be available in mid to late 2012.
Book Exchange
BTC / Batelco Office
  • Office at Simms.
Car Rental
  • Wellington Taylor's Car Rental; 242-338-7065. Burnt Ground.
  • Williams Car Rental; 242-338-5000 / 5002. Glentons.
Cell Phone Service

  • Anglican.
  • Gospel Chapel.
  • Jehovah's Witness.
Coffee Shop
Cruisers Net
Customs & Immigration
  • 242-357-1414; VHF Ch-16. Stella Maris Airport.
  • Customs Department; 242-338-2012. Stella Maris Airport.
Dinghy Landing
  • Aviation emergency: 242-338-6019.
  • Bonefishing, bottom fishing, deep sea fishing: Stella Maris Resort.
  • Bonafide Bonefishing; 242-338-2035. Stella Maris.
Fresh Fish

Golf Cart / Scooter Rental
  • Stella Maris Inn; 242-338-2051. Scooters.
Government / Administrator
  • Department of Civil Aviation; 242-338-2090. Stella Maris Airport.
  • Long Island Tourist Office; 242-338-8668. Deals.
Groceries & Produce
  • Adderley Supply. Glentons.
  • Convenience Store. Burnt Ground.
  • Convenience Store. Millerton.
  • General Store. Stella Maris.
  • Matthias Pratt. Produce; Burnt Ground.
  • MGS Food Store; 242-338-7010. Burnt Ground.
  • Rose Have Meat Mart No. 2; 242-338-5017 . Glentons.
  • Tom Adderley. Produce; Seymours.
Hardware & Lumber
  • MG. Burnt Ground.
  • General Store. Stella Maris.
Ice Cream
  • Barbie's Ice Cream Shop & Restaurant. Glentons.
Internet & WiFi
  • Speed Queen Laundromat; 242-338-2016. Across the highway from Stella Maris Marina.
  • Beach Bungalows and Bonefishing Lodge; 242-338-8444; 242-472-1222/1199;; Deals Beach. Offer 8 units.
  • Cape Santa Maria Resort; 242-338-5273; 800-663-7090.
  • Stella Maris Inn; 242-338-2051; 800-426-0466.
Marina & Dockage
  • Stella Maris Marina; 242-338-2055 / 2051; 800-426-0466; 954-359-8236; 18 slips; protected basin. Marina Coordinates: 23° 33.3' N / 75° 16.4' W. Coordinates of approach channel marker/buoy: 23° 33.1' N / 75° 18.2' W.
Marine Supplies & Parts
  • Marine Services & Repairs
Medical / Clinic / Pharmacy
  • Government clinic. Simms. Doctor resides at Stella Maris.
  • Joe's Sound. March 2012: SV Alato reported a 7' controlling depth in the narrow winding entrance.
Packages & Shipping
  • DHL; Nekia Shearer; 242-357-1414.
  • Lightspeed Shipping; 242-323-7767; 242-810-5976; Contact: Nathalia Gibbs. A new operation serving Nassau, Eleuthera, and Long Island. Items sent to their shipping point in Pompano Beach FL will be transported by air to the local airport on the island. They will provide package tracking information and handle Customs. They will also provide personal shopping services from vendors in the Pompano Beach area. Use their website to set up an account to ship your package.
Personal Services
  • Gibson's Barber Shop; 242-338-6002. Seymours
  • Lernell's Beauty. Burnt Ground.
  • Office near Stella Maris Airport; 242-338-2222.
Post Office / Mail
  • PO Salt Pond. Located near Hillside Groceries.
  • PO at Stella Maris Airport.
  • PO at Burnt Ground.
  • Mail pick-up at Stella Maris for items addressed to Yacht Name, c/o Stella Maris, Long Island, Bahamas.
  • Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort; 242-338-5273; 800-663-7090;
  • Stella Maris Resort; 242-338-2055 / 2051; 800-426-0466; 954-359-8236;; Complete sun and sea resort hotel. The Moonbeam Beach Bar overlooking the resort pool deck and beach is open to the public. Stella Maris Marina guests have use of all resort facilities; a shuttle bus is available between areas. Cruisers have reported being able to take sailboats with drafts over 6' into the marina under the right conditions: near high tide and no prolonged E wind which reduces water levels. The marina basin offers 1-2 slips that accommodate 6' drafts - but it is also affected by E winds. Vessels with deep drafts should call ahead.
Restaurant & Bar
  • AA Restaurant. Glentons
  • Barbie's Ice Cream Shop & Restaurant. Glentons.
  • Beach Bungalows and Bonefishing Lodge; 242-338-8444; 242-472-1222/1199;; Deals Beach. A new, beachfront bar & restaurant with a beautiful deck and interior spaces. Great food, drinks, and ambiance. Kayaks and small sail craft are available. A unique bubble-bottom boat will become available in mid-2012. in settled weather it is possible to anchor in deeper water well off shore and dinghy in. March 2012: 3 moorings in 3.5' area available in front; 2 moorings in 7' have been placed in 7' near the small point just N. A 200' pier, showers and laundry are planned. Rake & Scrape on Thursday nights is a big attraction.

  • Pratt's. Burnt Ground.
  • Silver Dollar Bar; 242-338-5003. Glentons.
  • Stella Maris Inn; 242-338-2055 / 2051. Continental cuisine.
  • Sunset. Seymours.
  • The Last Stop. Seymours.
  • The Watering Hole; 242-338-2059. Stella Maris.
  • Zia's Take-Away; 242-338-7073. Burnt Ground.
Retail Therapy - Shopping
  • Burt's Dry Goods and Straw Work; 242-338-7015. Burnt Ground.
  • Cape Santa Maria Resort Boutique.
  • Four Winds Dry Goods & Notions; 242-338-7048. Burnt Ground.
  • Knowles Straw Work. Millerton.
  • Lovly's Straw. Burnt Ground.
  • S&M Variety Store; 242-338-2069. Stella Maris.
Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
  • Pratt's Bus Service; 242-338-7022.
  • Taxis may be contacted on VHF Ch-16.
Things to See & Do
  • Adderly Plantation Ruins are located on the W coast N of Stella Maris Marina. The access road is located just N of the road to Stella Maris Resort. Follow the road to the shore and walk ~ 200 yds N along the beach. Just after crossing the remains of a stone wall, there is a trail leading E through the scrub to the extensive ruins perched on a rise inland. A few hundred yards further north is the remains of the plantation pier where a trail leads inland to the ruins. The plantation was established in 1795 over 2500 acres and was mostly intact until destroyed by the hurricane of 1927.

  • Beach N of St. Peters Point is even more beautiful than that at Calabash Bay as it offers the same sparkling white sand set against a rugged background of a low lying hill with the Monument escarpment rising behind it.
  • Calabash Bay offers one of the world's most beautiful beaches.
  • Columbus Monument is located at the N end of the island. Rough unpaved access road requires a long walk to avoid damage to car. it provides vistas of rugged NW coast.
  • Deans Blue Hole. World's deepest blue hole at Turtle Bay N of Clarence Town.


  • Trash bins are available in the settlements.
  • Stella Maris Marina; 242-338-2055. Trash bins available for use of guests.
VHF Protocol
  • Standard protocol.
  • RO water sold in 5-gal jugs in stores.
  • Stella Maris Marina; 242-338-2055. Water available for guests.
  • Yuma Crystal Springs; 242-338-5077. Glentons.
  • Marine Weather Center; Daily SSB, webcast, & email forecasts by Chris Parker. Note: Best reception in this area is usually on 4045 KHz USB Simplex at 0630 AST.
  • Bahamas Met Office website provides weather forecast for local areas throughout the Bahamas.

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