Long Island Rally

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George Town

Updated: 13 March 2018

Meeting 12 March 18; Monday; Volleyball Beach


  • A post-George Town Cruising Regatta cruise / race to Thompson Bay Long Island
  • It has become a tradition over the years
  • A low-key, kicked-back cruise
  • A good way to unwind after the George Town Cruising Regatta
  • Explore Long Island with fellow cruisers on a series of bus tours
  • Participate in the Annual Long Island Mutton Festival

2018 Rally Organizer
  • Susan; SV Other Goose

  • A number of years ago the George Town to Long Island Rally began rather spontaneously as a follow-on event to the Regatta.
  • Ron & Karen became the organizers for a number of years but are not cruising this year.
  • In 2015, Al and Sue on Baroda picked up the baton as organizers to continue this tradition.
  • In 2016, Kathy and Barth on SV Five & Dime stepped in with Sue and Al who are at Thompson Bay to continue.
  • In 2018, Susan on SV Other Goose

  • Contact Susan; SV Other Goose

Boat Count
  • ~20

  • The Rally will select a VHF channel as its hailing channel: VHF TBD

Meeting & Registration
  • There will be a meeting of interested boats on Volleyball Beach

Donations for Long Island Schools.
  • Donations for the schools on Long Island are being accepted. Contact Susan on Other Goose.

Cost of Bus Trips
  • $35.00 / person + $5.00 per person for conch races
  • Total $75.00 for a couple
  • Note Bring Cash; ATMs are hard to come by (see entries for area in this guide)

Schedule of Events

Day 1
  • March 15th, Thursday
  • Depart Elizabeth Harbour
  • Race over; weather permitting
  • Arrive Thompson Bay
  • Meet & Greet at Ty's on the Beach
  • First Heats of Conch Races

Day 2

  • March 16th, Friday
  • 0800-1400; Bus Tour: Cave tours
  • Second heat Conch Races

Day 3
  • March 17th, Saturday
  • 0800-1400; Bus Tour to northern end of the island with manu swim & drink stops
  • Final heats for Conch races

Day 4
  • March 18th, Sunday
  • Free-style departure

Sailing Race
  • More information to come…

Bus Trips
  • Three bus trips are planned
  • More information to come…

Information for Long Island
  • Bahamas Cruisers Guide
  • Bahamas Cruisers Guide: Long Island

Cruisers Help Support the Long Island Grammar School Reading Program!!

                   *Caught Reading a Book

Students all over the Family Islands, and indeed all over the world, are having problems with reading comprehension. With the twin goals of encouraging students to read more, and promoting community with one-on-one local volunteers we have launched the CRAB Book Cub.  Prizes will be awarded in the form of Island experiences suggested by the students themselves.  We are honored that this project has been endorsed by Long Island’s Educational Community, the Ministry of Tourism, and the many supporters who have been approached.

At Mutton Fest and subsequent Book Fairs at the five primary schools, the students will have the opportunity to join the CRAB* Club for fifty cents which will give them their choice of two books.  If a parent is with them, they may choose an additional book. Twice during the month of April, adult volunteers will spend one-on-one time with the children hearing about their books.

Each book read will entitle the reader’s name to be entered in the drawing and ALSO to have two more books.  The more books read ; the more times their name goes into the drawing.  At the end of April, each Principal will draw two names, and the children will select their prizes.  Again, focusing on community, the prizes are Long Island Experiences:  the most popular ones are zooming through the Snakes  to see the pigs 🐖and taking an adult (Mom, Dad, Grammie, etc) to lunch.

🦀     BE CRABBY ! 
Note: For corrections and updates to information, email: cruisers@bahamascruisersguide.com