40th George Town Cruising Regatta
14 to 27 February 2019 (tentative dates)

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Updated: 16 March 2018

GTCR 2019 Tee Shirt winner
Design Winner for 2019 Tee Shirts

George Town Cruising Regatta Committee

Gary [Tamaki]
Vice, Chairperson:
Glenn [Windara]
Ingrid [Tamaki]
Rose [Local Knowledge]

2019 Committees & Chairpersons

  • Beach Golf; Frank & Rose [Local Knowledge]
  • Big Boat Racing; Glenn, Elsa [Windara]
  • Bocce; Dan [Borrowed Horse]
  • Coconut Challenge; Donna & Mag [Corsair]
  • Costume Party; Robin [Endangered Species]
  • Closing Ceremony: ?
  • Donations (in US): Bill [Providence]
  • Family Day; Rick
  • Fundraising: Jeanne [Blue Heavens] & Margie [Tattoo 2]
  • Fun Volleyball; Sarah [Borrowed Horse]
  • Opening Ceremony: Gordon [Blue Heavens]
  • Poker Run: Bill [Providence]
  • Regulation Volleyball; Dominic [Sunshine] Joanne; Bristol Cream
  • Softball; Chairperson Needed
  • Small Boat Racing; Elsa, Glenn [Windara]
  • Tee-Shirt Sales [Committee]: Robin, Jeanne [Blue Heavens]

2019 George Town Cruising Regatta Events & Plans

  • Similar series events to 2018 Regatta
  • Average 1 event / day
  • Around-Harbor Race: 23 Feb 2019 (based on high tide data; need mid-morning rising tide).
  • No separate Variety Show; will strive to include entertainment by cruisers in the Opening Ceremony.
  • Most events to be held on Stocking Island.
  • Some Regatta-related events may be held in conjunction with but prior to or after the 13-Day formal Regatta period depending on interests, volunteers, and opportunities.
  • The Tee Shirt Committee is to investigate a joint effort with the Family Island Regatta to produce and sell Tee Shirts. On-line and pre-orders will also be investigated.

2019 George Town Cruising Regatta Events Information
  • Costume Contest & Party;

Chairperson: Robin [Endangered Species]
2019 Theme: "Under the Sea" Come as your favorite creature

    Volunteers & Enthusiasts Needed for 2019 Regatta!!!

    • Don't be bashful!
    • Pitch In to make new friends
    • Contact Chairpersons in any area of interest.
    • Ideas for Regatta-related events (games, fund raisers, etc.) are welcomed; contact Committee.


    39th George Town Cruising Regatta
    28 February to 14 March 2018

    Official Website:
    George Town Cruising Regatta

    The 2018 George Town Cruising Regatta Came to a Close on 13 March 2018

    A great time was had by all!
    Thanks to the Regatta Committee Chairpersons and the Volunteers!

    Big Boat Race Results:

    In-Harbor Race:
    GRCR 2018 In-Harbor Race Results

    Around-Island Race:
    GTCR 2018 Arround Island Race Results

    Overall Results:

    GTCR 2018 Race Overall Results

    Beach Golf Results
    1st: Bill, Cool Cat
    2nd: Glenn, Windara
    3rd: Jerry
    1st: Sharron, Joy Bells

    ——————Historical Record of 2018 Regatta Activites ——————

    Calendar of Events

    28 February, Wednesday

    • 1030; Registration; Chat n' Chill
    • 1600; Opening Ceremony; BLU

    1 March; Thursday
    • 1100; Poker Run; Start at Volleyball Beach; ~1600 Finish at Volleyball Beach

    2 March; Friday
    • 1000; Coconut Challenge; Chat n' Chill

    3 March; Saturday
    • 1200; Variety Show / Party; Peace & Plenty

    4 March; Sunday
    • 1530; Softball Game; Softball Park
    • Water Taxi for softball game: $10/person; roundtrip to town from beach E (behind) Chan n' Chill
    • 1500; Bull Reg Cup Class C; final race series; Regatta Point

    5 March; Monday
    • 0930; Fun Volleyball ; Chat n' Chill; Players arrive by 0915. Alternates solicited
    • 1400; Seminars for Children: Yoga; Organizer: SV Three Pearls
    • Afternoon: Regulation Volleyball players meeting
    • All Day: A notice of items needed by Family Day participants

    6 March; Tuesday
    • Rescheduled: Beach Golf; Monument Area; NOTE: Moon high tides have forced a time changed to 13 March.
    • 1000: Regatta meeting to discuss Regatta 2019
    • 1100; Exuma Land & Sea Park Anchoring Fee Feedback Meeting; Volleyball Beach; Organizer: Bill; SV Providence
    • 1400; Seminars for Children: Conch Horn Making; Organizer: SV Three Pearls

    7 March; Wednesday
    • 1000; Small Boat Races; Chat n' Chill Beach
    • 1030; Start of first race: Stand-up Paddleboard Race
    • 1400; Children's Beach Lecture: Greek Mythology by Iris; Organizer: SV Three Pearls
    • 1700; Costume Party; Chat n' Chill; Sponsored by KB of Chat n' Chill who will provide a free Rum Punch.
    • 1730; Judging for Best Pirate Costumes
    Note: Chat n' Chill will serve its normal Wednesday night dinner menu.

    8 March; Thursday
    • 1000; Family Day; Volleyball Beach & Lagoon
    • 1100; Skippers Meeting for Big Boat Racing; Chat n' Chill

    9 March; Friday
    • 0930 - 1130; Tee-Shirt Stand Open
    • 1100; In-Harbor Big Boat Race; Elizabeth Harbor off Regatta Point: "Fastest Winter Home Race";
      • VHF CH74 live commentary
    • 1600; Last day for registration for Texas Holdem Tournament
    • 1600; In-Harbor Race Awards Party; Peace & Plenty - All Welcome!

    10 March; Saturday
    • 0900; Regulation Volleyball Tournament; Volleyball Beach; Captains 0830; Teams 0845
    • 1800; Texas Holdem Tournament; St. Francis Resort

    11 March; Sunday
    • 0900; Regulation Volleyball; Volleyball Beach
    • 0930; Beach Church
    • 0900; Around Stocking Island Race; Elizabeth Harbor off Chat n' Chill
    • 1600; Around Stocking Island Race Awards Party @ Lumina Point

    12 March; Monday
    • 0930; Bocce Ball; Volleyball Beach; Alternates needed - show up
    • Cruisers List: leave a boat card in the Card-Can at Chat n' Chill; if you do not want your email address on the list black it out on card.

    13 March; Tuesday
    • 0930; Beach Golf; Monument Area; Note this is the rescheduled date
    • 1600; Closing Ceremony; Chat n' Chill; Volleyball Beach
    • Cruisers List: leave a boat card in the Card-Can at Chat n' Chill; if you do not want your email address on the list black it out on card.

    14 March; Wednesday
    • Long Island Rally departs for Thompson Bay

    15 March; Thursday
    • Long Island Rally activities begin in Thompson Bay

    King & Queen of the Beach 2x2 Volleyball Tournament
    • $ 5 entry fee

    George Town Cruising Regatta — PooBahs
    • Chair: Susan [Other Goose]
    • Poker Challenge: Bill [Providence]
    • Coconut Challenge; Donna & Mag [Corsair]
    • Variety Show; Jillian Spruyt
    • Softball; Vince [Balfour] & Gary [Tamaki]
    • Fun Volleyballl; Sarah [Borrowed Horse]
    • Beach Golf; Frank & Rose [Local Knowledge]
    • Small Boat Races; Elsa, Jillian, Glenn
    • Costume Party; Robin [Endangered Species]
    • Big Boat Racing; Glenn & Elsa [Windara]
    • Family Day; Rick, Jean
    • In-Harbor Race; Glenn & Elsa [Windara]
    • In-Harbor Awards Party; Glenn & Elsa [Windara]
    • Regulation Volleyball; Joanne; Bristol Cream & Dominic [Sunshine]
    • Around Stocking Island Race; Glenn & Elsa [Windara]
    • Around Stocking Island Race Awards Party; Glenn & Elsa [Windara]
    • Bocce Ball; Dan [Borrowed Horse]
    • Cruising Boat List; Susan [Other Goose]
    • Closing Ceremony; Susan [Other Goose]

    Event Winners:
    • Poker Challenge: Gayle & Bill; SV Spiraserpula; 4 Deuces!!!
    • Coconut Challenge:
    • Pirate Costume Contest
      • Child Pirate: John;
      • Woman Pirate: Gail; Spiraserpula
      • Male Pirate: John; Lord Charlton
    • Texas Holdem
      • Overall winner: George; Bristol Cream

    • Bocce
    • Coconut Challenge
    • Fun Volleyball
    • Large Boat Races
    • Poker Run
    • Pirate Costume Competition & Party
    • Regatta Golf
    • Regulation Volleyball
    • Small Boat Races
    • Softball
    • Raffle

    Small Boat Races
    Chair: Elsa Gustafson; Windara
    Start: 7 March, Wednesday; 1000; Races start at 1030
    1. Inflatable dinghy downwind sailing race
    2. Blind rowing of inflatable dinghy
    3. Sailing dinghy race; small sailboats and sailing dinghies can compete
    4. Kayak Racing; Men's, Women's, Kid's
    5. Stand-up Paddleboard Race; Men's, Women's, Kid's

    Big Boat Races In-Harbor
    Chair: Glenn Gustafson; Windara
    9 March Friday; In-Harbor

    Big Boat Races Around Stocking Island
    11 March; Sunday; Around Stocking Island Race
    Glenn, Windara; will accept applications for the Race until the end of the Skipper's Meeting
    Skippers Meeting: 8 March, Thursday 1100
    Commentary VHF Ch74
    Race Committee VHF Ch78

    Costume Contest
    • Wed 1700; Volleyball Beach
    • Pirate-Themed Costume Contest
    • Sponsored by Chat 'n Chill; KB is providing free Rum Punch at Start
    • Conch Horn Blow for Sunset
    • Judging at 1730 for Best Child Pirate, Woman Pirate, Man Pirate

    Family Day
    • Sand Castles 8 March, Thursday, Morning; Children of all ages…
    • Afternoon: Nautical skills and art projects
      • Bring
        • 2 pieces of rope 2' long of different diameter
        • driftwood
        • seashells

    Texas Holdem Tournament
    • Saturday 10 Mar 2018
    • 1800; St Francis Resort
    • $10 buy-in; T
    • Pre registration needed; last registration Friday 9 March; 1630-1730

    Tee-Shirt Design Competion
    • Winner will be announced at Closing Ceremony

    Tee Shirt Sale
    • All remaining Tees are on SALE! 50% Off
    • Adult: $10
    • Children: $7
    • Tee-Shirt Stand open 1000-1200 Wednesday


    • Tickets: $1 / ticket; $5 for an arm's-length of tickets
    • Great Prizes to be drawn for at Closing Ceremony
    • Tickets on sale by event chairpersons and at the Tee-Shirt Stand

    Raffle Prizes
    • Sandals Resort; evening pass for two; $320 value; expires in one year.
    • Images by Alexander; gift certificate for a mini-photo shoot.
    • Mantis dinghy anchor kit
    • DarvilleLumber; gift certificate
    • DarvilleLumber; gift certificate
    • 424 Prime Liquors; gift certificate
    • Exuma Point Restaurant; gift certificate
    • Prime Island Meats; gift certificate
    • Tropical Accents & Gifts; gift certificate
    • Euthlee Browne; Straw Market; gift certificate
    • Yvonne McKenzie; Straw Market; gift certificate
    • Drucilla Rolle; Straw Market; gift certificate
    • Rosalee Rolle Johnson; Straw Market; gift certificate
    • Jennie Mae Williams; Straw Market; gift certificate
    • Santana's Grill Pit; gift certificate
    • Tropic Breeze Beach Bar; gift certificate
    • Exuma Markets; gift certificates (several)