Highbourne Cay, Exumas

Updated: 29 April 2017

Explorer Chart: EX-10, 10B

  • The closest airstrip is on Normans Cay.

Air Service

  • Contact marina office for information on charter air service to the Cay.

  • The anchorage on the SW shore offers good holding in sand and carries > 10’ in close to shore. Avoid reef that stretches W from the NW tip of cay.

Area Information / Tourism
  • Bahamas Area Websites. Sites that can be searched for tourist and business information throughout the Bahamas.
  • Exumas Visitors Guide. An free guide booklet available at many local businesses. It provides a good directory of services and attractions throughout the Exumas.

Art Galleries / Art

  • Bread and catering services are available; contact "Cool Runner" VHF 16 242-365-1010.

Banks & ATMs

  • There are eight beaches around the island.

Beverage Store
  • The marina store has a election of beer, wine and liquors for sale.

Bike Rental
  • The marina has bikes for use by marina guests.

Boat Rental / Charter
  • The marina has 2 Hobie Cats available for rental ($50 / hr; Feb 2017)
  • "Cool Runner" VHF 16 242-365-1010. For other options.

Book Exchange
  • A book exchange is available.

BTC Bahamas Office
  • While there is a large BTC tower on the cay, there is no office.
  • The marina store has BTC top-up cards for sale but there are no phones or SIM cards for sale.

Car Rental

Cell Phone Service
  • There is good cellular voice and data service; a BTC cell tower is located on the island that provides services to the northern segment of the Exumas as far S as Shroud Cay.


Coffee Shop
  • Coffee is available in the marina store.

Cruisers Net

Customs & Immigration

Dinghy Landing
  • The marina has a dinghy landing on the fuel pier.


  • Contact marina office.


  • The cay is a favorite stop for boats who fish in the nearby deeps of Exuma Sound.
  • The marina store has a limited selection of fishing gear.

Fresh Fish
  • Check with "Cool Runner" VHF Ch-16


  • Diesel and gas are available at marina fuel pier. The marina has one of the largest diesel supply systems in the cays, 30,000 gal.

Golf Cart / Scooter Rental
  • The marina has golf carts for rental.

Government / Administrative

Groceries & Produce
  • Highbourne Cay Marina Ships Store. The marina has a well stocked grocery store including staples, frozen meats, vegetables, clothing and gifts.

Hardware & Lumber

  • Bags of ice are available at marina ($6.00 / bag; Feb 2017).

Ice Cream
  • The marina store carries a good selection.

Internet & WiFi
  • WiFi available @ $15 / day for marina guests.
  • There is a BTC tower on the cay that provides cellular voice and data services to the northern segment of the exumas as far S as Shroud Cay.
  • In 2017, 3G cellular data service was available.

  • The marina office can arrange for laundry wash/dry/fold with next-day turn around depending on guest traffic.



  • Highbourne Cay Marina; 242-355-1008; email: info@highbournecaybahamas.com. Offers 2, 3, and 4 bedroom cottages for rent.

  • Regular service by mailboat.

Marina & Dockage
  • Highbourne Cay Marina; 242-355-1008; Monitors VHF Ch 71; email: info@highbournecaybahamas.com. Office Open: 0800 - 1700. 26 slips; vessels to 105'; 9' draft. Dockage: $2.75 / ft; Feb 2017.

Marine Supplies & Parts
  • The marina store offers a limited selection of marine supplies.

Marine Service & Repairs

Medical / Clinic / Pharmacy

  • There are no moorings available for rent.

  • Highbourne Cut runs pas the S end of the cay and is one of the better cuts in the Exumas.
  • There are two routes through the series of small cays that run N-S across the cut. The N route run between the cay that divides the cut into the two routes and the SW tip of Highbourne Cay. This small cay is marked with a pylon at the N end.
  • The N route through the cut is shown in the Explorer charts. There are two red triangular range marks for this channel when approaching from the banks.
  • The S route is the primary route shown on Navionics eCharts (2017). It appears to be slightly wider and deeper. However most vessels use the N route.
  • The entrance to the marina is a short distance E of the narrowest part of the N section of the cut. Exercise caution as tidal currents can sweep a vessel into shallow waters. There are two red triangular range markers for the entrance to the marina from the cut.

Packages & Shipping

  • MV Retriever; 910-599-8707; captnmarc@aol.com A freight boat providing regular freight service between Miami FL and the Exumas. The ship has a 3000 lb crane to handle heavier items. They handle customs and VAT.
  • MV Yamacraw, Captain Mike, 242-; provides weekly freight shipments between Nassau and cays in the northern Exumas.
  • See Staniel Cay for information on air shipment of mail and items from Ft. Lauderdale.


Post Office / Mail
  • Regular service by mailboat.
  • Marina address: Highbourne Cay Plantations, POB SS-6342, Nassau, NP, Bahamas.



  • Walking trails
  • Beaches: eight beaches around the island. One of the beaches is on the S end of the cay just E of the marina entrance channel; a nice sandy beach with picnic tables.
  • Picnic areas
  • Snorkeling
  • Bicycling
  • Hiking
  • The marina offers paddle boards, kayaks, and sunfish for rental.

Restaurant & Bar
  • Xuma Restaurant and Bar at Highbourne Cay Marina; 242-355-1000. Newly opened in 2011 season provides a beautiful waterfront bar and dining overlooking the cut and beach. It is open for lunch 1200 - 1500; dinner: 1800 - 2100. Reservations for dinner must be made in the restaurant. The bar is open all afternoon.
  • "Cool Runner" Catering; 242-355-1010. Catering and beach barbecues can be arranged for groups of marina guests.

Retail Therapy - Shopping

  • Highbourne Cay Marina Ships Store. The marina has a well stocked dockside shop for cold drinks and snacks, food, clothing and gifts.

  • Showers are available for marina guests.

Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

  • The surrounding waters offer many outcrops and reefs for snorkeling.


Things to See & Do

  • Allens Cay is a short dinghy ride to the NNW for a visit to the iguanas.
  • Guides can be arranged by the marina.
  • The marina offers paddle boards, kayaks, and sunfish for rental.

  • The marina reports that local tides are 20 minutes after those at Nassau.

  • Trash disposal is available at marina ($5 / bag for 2 large bags, $25 for any additional). Recycling of aluminum cans , cans, bottles.
  • Veterinarian
  • There is no local veterinarian.
  • Bahamas Humane Society; Exumas; 242-557-0838; bhsexuma@gmail.com

VHF Protocol

  • Standard Bahamas VHF protocol.
  • The marina monitors VHF Ch71

  • RO is water available from the marina ($0.50 / gal; Feb 2017).

  • Highbourne Cay Marina broadcasts weather daily at 0800 on VHF Ch 06 after an
  • Marine Weather Center; Daily SSB, webcast, & email forecasts by Chris Parker. Note: Best reception in this area is usually on 4045 KHz USB Simplex at 0630 AST.
  • Bahamas Met Office website provides weather forecast for local areas throughout the Bahamas.