Area Information / Tourism
  • The Exumas are wonderful chain of cays for the cruiser to enjoy. Ranging from Allen’s & Highborne Cays in the N to Great Exuma Cay in the S. They offer many and varied anchorages. Many of the cays have facilities for the cruiser - but many more are private or uninhabited. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is a gem imbedded in the center of the chain.
  • Bahamas Area Websites. Sites that can be searched for tourist and business information throughout the Bahamas.
  • Exumas Visitors Guide. An free guide booklet available at many local businesses. It provides a good directory of services and attractions throughout the Exumas.
  • Exuma Tourist Office; 242-336-2430.

The principal cruising areas with services and facilities for cruisers are:

The following are some of the larger private and / or uninhabited cays that are accessible to cruisers but with no facilities for cruisers. As cruisers provide information, individual pages will be added to the Guide for these cays.
Adderly Cay (EX-25)
Bell Island (EX-16, EX-17); a large private island owned by the Aga Khan. Monitors VHF Ch-82.
Big Farmers Cay (EX-22)
Childrens Bay Cay (EX-25)
Darby Island (EX-23)
Cistern Cay (EX-13)
Goat Cay (EX-24)
Halls Pond Cay (EX-16)
Joe Cay (EX-18)
Leaf Cay (EX-25)
Lee Stocking Island (EX-25)
Lignumvitae Cay (EX-23)
Little Darby Island (EX-23)
Melvin Cay (EX-24)
Musha Cay (EX-23)
Normans Cay (EX-25)
O’Briens Cay (EX-16)
Overyonder Cay (EX-18)
Pimlico Cay (EX-9)
Pipe Cay, Little Pipe Cay (EX-18)
Prime Cay (EX-24)
Bock Cay (EX-24)
Rat Cay (EX-25)
Roberts Cay (EX-9A)
Rudder Cut Cay (EX-23)
Ship Channel Cay (EX-9)
Soldier Cay (EX-16)
Square Rock (EX-25)
Thomas Cay (EX-18)
Wax Cay (EX-12)
Williams Cay (EX-25)

Updated: 25 Jan 12