The Abacos chain of cays are along the NNE periphery of the Bahamas. They are close to both the U.S. and great fishing grounds making the area attractive to both cruisers and sports fishermen. Their proximity as well as the history of their settlement contribute to the chain being one of the most heavily settled and developed of the Bahamas island groups. Thus the greatest concentration of marinas, hotels, resorts, and rental properties are to be found in the Abacos.

Individual pages are provided for the areas most frequented by cruisers. There are many other areas and small cays that are lightly visited by cruisers. As interest and information about these is gathered, additional pages will be added.

See Abacos Map

General information; see the individual pages for the principal cruising areas within the Abacos for more details.
Explorer Chart: AB-15
  • Treasure Cay (TCB)
  • Marsh Harbour (MHH)
Air Service
  • American Eagle; 367-2231 Service to Miami from MMH.
  • Bahamasair; 365-8601 (TCB); 242-367-2095 (MMH) Service to Nassau, West Palm Beach
  • Craig Air; 904-641-0300 Service to Daytona and Jacksonville from MMH only.
  • Continental Airlines; 242-365-8615, 242-367-3414 offers daily flights from Treasure Cay and Marsh Harbour to Florida. Service to Miami (MMH), Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach.
  • Regional Air Service to Freeport
  • Twin Air / Calypso Airlines Service to Ft Lauderdale
  • Yellow Air Taxi Service to Ft. Lauderdale
Area Information / Tourism
  • Go Abacos Local knowledge on vacationing, rentals, etc.
  • Abaco Vacation Planner; 242-367-5046 Information on vacations in the Abacos.
  • Destination Abaco; 242-367-3202/2107; destinationabaco@gmail.com. Local free publication of attractions & activities in the Abacos. It is available as marinas, stores and restaurants. Don't miss it when visiting!
  • Port of Call: Abacos. Article about cruising in the Abacos.
  • The Abaconian; 242-367-2677; davralph@batelnet.bs. Local free newspaper published twice a month.
Cell Phone Service
  • Good cell phone service is available in most parts of the Abacos.
Cruisers Net
  • Abacos Cruisers Net operates daily on VHF Ch 68 from 0815 to 0915. Pattie Toler, 242-367-4941, Blue Dolphin, is the originator and anchor. The goals of the net are safety, friendship, and message handling. The net provides weather, notices from local businesses, messaging between cruisers, arrivals and departures.
  • Cruisers who need to be contacted in an emergency can receive an email if it is sent with contact information (boat name; persons name; cottage name) in the Subject line to: cruisers@oii.net This is provided as a free service by Out Island Internet
Internet & WiFi
  • WiFi internet service from local establishments as well as commercial providers, such as Out Island Internet is available throughout the Abacos.
  • Abaco National Park; between Cherokee and Hole in the Wall
  • Pelican Cays Land and Sea National Park
  • TIIloo Cay National Protected Area
  • Fowl Cays Land and Sea Preserve
  • Black Sound Cay National Reserve
VHF Frequencies
  • 06 Taxi
  • 16 Emergency; local business; calling
  • 20 BASRA
  • 22A US Coast Guard
  • 65 Dolphin Research
  • 66 Port Operations
  • 68 Cruising Boat Calling
  • 72 Hope Town Fire Brigade
  • 80 Marsh Harbor Fire Department
  • Marine Weather Center; Daily SSB, webcast, & email forecasts by Chris Parker. Note: Best reception in this area is usually at 4045 KHz USB Simplex at 0630 AST.
  • Bahamas Met Office website provides weather forecast for local areas throughout the Bahamas.
  • Barometer Bob; an excellent website providing weather for the Abacos.
  • Abacos Cruisers Net; VHF Ch 68 at 0815; provides a daily weather summary.
  • FM Radio 93.5 MHz; Radio Abaco at 0630, 0700, 0800, and between 1800 - 1830.
Principal Cruising Areas
Coopers Town
Elbow Cay
Fox Town
Great Guana Cay
Great Sale Cay
Green Turtle Cay
Hope Town
Little Harbour
Lubbers Quarters
Manjack Cay
Man-o-War Cay
Marsh Harbor
Moores Island
Sandy Point
Snake Cay
Spanish Cay
Treasure Cay
Walkers, Grand, Doublebreasted Cays.

Updated: 23 Dec 12