Green Turtle Cay, Abacos

Green Turtle Cay Map with facilities and attractions.

Note: The Channel has been dredged and the entrance "bump" removed. See Navigation

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Explorer Chart:
Air Service

  • Air service is available through Marsh Harbor International and Treasure Cay airports. The Green Turtle Ferry provides service to airport dock at Treasure Cay.
  • The area between the entrances to White Sound and Black Sound provides a good anchorage in settled conditions.
  • Note: there are sections of bottom with a thin coating of sand over underlying rock. Check your anchor to assure it is buried in sand and move it to another location if it is not.
Area Information / Tourism
  • Bahamas Area Websites. Sites that can be searched for tourist and business information throughout the Bahamas.
  • Abaco Island Tours; 242-375-8718. Produces a great free color graphic map showing the major attractions of the Abacos.
  • Destination Abaco; 242-367-3202/2107; Local free publication of attractions & activities in the Abacos. It is available as marinas, stores and restaurants. Don't miss it when visiting!
Art Gallery / Art
  • Ocean Blue Gallery.
  • The Wrecking Tree Restaurant & Bar, Bakery & Take Away; 242-365-4263; VHF Ch 16.
  • McIntosh Restaurant & Bakery; 242-365-4625 Open 0900 - 2100.
Bank & ATMs
  • Barclays; 242-365-4114.
  • FirstCaribbean International Bank; 242-365-4144.
Beverage Store
  • Plymouth Rock Liquors & Cafe; 242-365-4234.
Bike Rental
  • Brendal’s Dive Shop.
  • C&D Rentals.
  • Curtis Bike Rental.
Boat Rental / Charter
  • Reef Rentals; 242-365-4245; VHF Ch-16;
  • Brendal’s Dive Shop.
  • Loggerhead Boat Rentals; 242-365-5461.
Book Exchange
  • Green Turtle Club has a book exchange in its lounge for use of guests.
BTC / Batelco Office
  • 242-365-4113; Fax: 242-365-4390. The office is located on the hill in New Plymouth next to the radio tower. Office is open only on Thursdays (Feb 2018).
Car Rental
Cell Phone Service
  • There is good cell phone service in the area from both BTC and Alive
  • Anglican.
  • Catholic.
  • Church of God.
  • Gospel Chapel.
  • Methodist.
Coffee Shop
  • Plymouth Rock Liquors & Cafe; 242-365-4234. Coffee, pastries breakfasts.
Cruisers Net
  • Abaco Cruisers Net operates daily on VHF Ch 68 from 0815 to 0915. The goals of the net are safety, friendship, and message handling. The net provides weather, notices from local businesses, messaging between cruisers, arrivals and departures.
Customs & Immigration
  • Customs; 242-365-4077; Fax: 242-365-4078.
  • There is a Customs Officer but not an Immigration Officer at the Administrative Center / Post Office building; 242-365-4077. As of Feb 2018, the procedure is to call the office, secure an appointment, then go to the office in New Plymouth.
Dinghy Landing
  • There are several dinghy landings: Bluff House, Green Turtle Club, Curry’s Food Store, Pineapple’s Bar, government pier.
  • BASRA has an operation at Bluff House; 242-365-4200; VHF Ch-16.
  • BASRA; 242-367-2226 / 3752; VHF Ch-16, Ch-20.
  • Bahamas Red Cross; 242-367-0734. Marsh Harbour.
  • Cruisers who need to be contacted in an emergency can receive an email if it is sent with contact information (boat name; persons name; cottage name) in the Subject line to: This is provided as a free service by Out Island Internet.
  • Police / Fire emergency phone: 919 or 911
  • TowBoatU.S. Marsh Harbor; 242-367-4602. Service Area: 100 miles offshore. Home base: Rockledge, FL.
  • VHF Ch-16 is monitored by emergency services and local authorities in the Abacos.
  • Green Turtle Cay Ferry; 242-365-4166/4218; VHF Ch-16 Service between Green Turtle Cay and Treasure Cay, Airport Ferry Dock. Note: contact ferry for pickup from White Sound. Taxis usually are waiting at Treasure Cay Ferry dock.
  • Abaco Fly Fish Connection; 242-365-4261.
  • Green Turtle Club; 242-365-4272. Charter fishing can be arranged.
Fresh Fish
  • Abaco Seafood Ltd.; 242-365-4011 / 4012.
Golf Cart / Scooter Rental
  • Bay Street Cart Rentals.
  • D&P Cart Rental at Green Turtle Club; 242-365-4271 / 4272.
  • Kool Kart Rentals; 242-365-4140;
  • New Plymouth Cart Rentals.
  • Robert’s Hardware.
  • Seaside Carts Ltd; 242-365-4147.
  • Shell Hut Cart Rentals.
  • T&A Cart Rentals.
Government / Administrator
  • 242-365-4211.
Groceries & Produce
  • Curry’s Sunset Grocery; 242-365-4171; VHF Ch 16. Located at the harbor front. Customer docking, homemade bread, groceries, frozen foods, fresh fruits & vegetables, block and crushed ice.
  • David's Gourmet Greens. Hydroponically grown basil, cilantro, heirloom tomatoes, watercress, and other greens.
  • Lowe's Food Store; 242-365-4243.
  • Sid's Food Store; 242-365-4055 / 4612. This store has a broad selection of groceries.
Hardware & Lumber
  • New Plymouth Hardware; 242-365-4305.
  • Robert’s Hardware & Marine; 242-365-4122.
  • Shavon’s Home & Garden.
  • Abaco Yacht Services.
  • Bluff House.
  • Curry’s Sunset Grocery; 242-365-4171; VHF Ch 16.
  • Green Turtle Club.
  • Roberts Hardware.
  • Sid’s Grocery.
Ice Cream
  • McIntosh Restaurant & Bakery; 242-365-4625 Open 0900 - 2100.
  • Three Sisters Ice-Cream Shop; 242-365-4625.
Internet & WiFi
  • Bahamas Wimax; 242-367-3717. Strong WiFi in anchorages.
  • Out Island Internet; 242-367-3006 . Strong WiFi in anchorages.
  • Bluff House. Free wifi to customers.
  • Green Turtle Club. Free wifi to customers.
  • Leeward Yacht Club; free wifi to customers.
  • Library.
  • Sid’s Grocery.
  • Abaco Yacht Services; available to customers.
  • Black Sound Marina; available to customers.
  • Bluff House; available to customers.
  • Green Turtle Club. 6 washers and driers; available to customers.
  • Leeward Yacht Club; available to customers.
  • Green Turtle Cay Library.
  • Bluff House Beach Hotel; 242-365-4247 & 800-745-4911 (US); Hillside villas, pool, bar, restaurant, marina.
  • New Plymouth Inn; 242-365-4161. Quiet colonial charm with patio, pool, garden, restaurant and bar.
  • Ocean Blue.
  • Swanson's Beach Cottage; 242-365-4335.
  • The mailboat arrives on Thursdays.
Marinas & Dockage
  • Bluff House Marina; 242-365-4247 & 800-745-4911 (US); 38 slips; pool; laundry.
  • Green Turtle Club; 242-365-4271 & 800-370-4468; 866-528-0539; 45-slips; electricity; water; pool; restaurant; guests have use of resort facilities. Free wifi. Free dockage special 2012: dock fees will be offset by food and beverage purchases. Checkout time: 1100.
  • Leeward Yacht Club; 242-365-4191; 28-slip marina; laundry; pool; bar & grill; wifi; residences.
Marine Supplies & Parts
  • Robert’s Hardware & Marine; 242-365-4122.
Marine Service & Repairs
  • Abaco Yacht Services; 242-365-4033 / 4216; Located at Black Sound.
  • Green Turtle Shipyard; 242-365-4033;; VHF Ch 16 Yamaha outboard sales & service. Full service yard.
Medical / Clinic
  • Government Clinic; 242-365-4028.
  • Other Shore Club in Black Sound.
  • Donny’s Boat Rentals.
  • Green Turtle Club; 242-365-4271 / 4272; has a couple of moorings for rent in White Sound
  • Entrance to White Sound. The entrance channel to white sound was dredged in late 2013! With the Green Turtle Club leading the way and Bluff House joining in, a steel impact wedge was used to cut through the infamous rock sill across the entrance to White Sound between the two outer marking posts. The inner channel was also cleaned up.
    • CC 14 Jan 2014 SV Onward transited the improved White Sound channel at 1600 hrs. The tide data for the Green Turtle Cay tide reference station (Navionics) predicted a tide of 1.5' above datum. Onward draws 6.2' and saw a minimum of 7.1' between the two entrance markers. This was a substantial improvement over previous passages where 2' of tide or more was necessary to just clear the bump at the sill.
Packages & Shipping
Personal Services
  • Hubert’s Cuts n Curls.
  • Police 242-365-4450.
Post Office / Mail
  • 242-365-4242.
  • Lowe’s Grocery.
  • New Plymouth Hardware.
  • Sid’s Grocery.
  • Bluff House Beach Hotel; 242-365-4247 & 800-745-4911 (US); Hillside villas, pool, bar, restaurant, marina.

Bluff House Pool Deck & Bar

  • Green Turtle Club; 242-365-4271 / 4272; 866-528-0539 (US);

Restaurant & Bar

Ambiance at the Green Turtle Club Bar

  • Harvey's Island Grill; 242-365-4389. Across from the Public Pier.
  • Laura's Kitchen; 242-365-4287.
  • Lizard Bar & Grill at the Leeward Yacht Club; 242-365-4191.

Lizard Bar

  • Miss Emily's Blue Bee Bar; The original home of the Goombay Smash!

Blue Bee Bar

  • McIntosh Restaurant & Bakery; 242-365-4625 Open 0900 - 2100.
  • Plymouth Rock Liquors & Cafe; 242-365-4234. Sandwiches.
  • Rooster Restaurant & Pub; 242-365-4066.
  • The Wrecking Tree Restaurant & Bar, Bakery & Take Away; 242-365-4263; VHF Ch 16. Located on Bay Street in the corner of the harbor serving lunch and dinner.


  • Post Office. Public restrooms are available.
  • Captain Roland Roberts House environmental center. Restroom available.
  • Restaurants and bars have restrooms for customers.
Retail Therapy - Shopping
  • Albert Lowe Museum & Gallery.
  • Bluff House Boutique.
  • Blue-Bee-Bar; 242-365-4181.
  • Creative Native; 242-365-4206. Florist.
  • Golden Reef; 242-365-4511.
  • Green Turtle Club Boutique.
  • Harvey's Island Grill; 242-365-4389.
  • Leigh’s Canvas & Crafts.
  • Native Creations; 242-365-4206. Offers a wide selection of quality gifts and jewelry.
  • Ocean Blue Gallery.
  • Sand Dollar.
  • Shavon's Home & Garden; 242-365-4081.
  • Shell Hut; 242-365-4188.
  • Showers are available at marinas for customers.
Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
  • There are numerous taxis.
Things to See & Do
  • Albert Lowe Museum.
  • A&W Travel Service; 242-365-4161;
  • Black Sound Cay National Reserve. Park.
  • Loyalist Memorial Sculpture Garden.
  • Roland Roberts House Environmental Center.
  • Ye Olde Jail.

  • There is a dumpster at government pier.
  • Marinas provide trash bins for guests.
VHF Protocol
  • Water is available at marinas.
  • Green Turtle Club; $0.20 / gal. Water is now brought to Green Turtle Cay by pipeline from Great Abaco.
  • Marine Weather Center; Daily SSB, webcast, & email forecasts by Chris Parker. Note: Best reception in this area is usually at 4045 KHz USB Simplex at 0630 AST.
  • Bahamas Met Office website provides weather forecast for local areas throughout the Bahamas.
  • Barometer Bob; an excellent website providing weather for the Abacos.
  • Abacos Cruisers Net; VHF Ch 68 at 0815; provides a daily weather summary.
  • FM Radio 93.5 MHz; Radio Abaco at 0630.
Updated: 14 Feb 2018