Jumentos Cays & Ragged Island

The Jumentos Cays & Ragged Islands are a largely undeveloped string of cays stretching in an arc S of Great Exuma Island. They offer essentially no facilities for cruisers. The cruiser who visits must be prepared for an independent cruise. They do offer rugged beauty, uncrowded anchorages, beautiful beaches, and many opportunities for hiking, fishing and snorkeling. There is almost no protection from W quadrant weather. Cruisers should plan to visit only in a period of extended settled weather.

The only settlement in the chain is Duncan Town at the southern end of the chain on Ragged Island. While there is a small population there is minimal support for cruisers: bare essential groceries; no fuel or water.

Duncan Town Settlement; Ragged Island

Updated: 9 March 2018

2017 Hurricane Damage Note

During the 2017 hurricane season, Ragged Island was targeted by two hurricanes that went on to impact the US. Hurricane Irma completely devastated the island destroying essentially all homes and infrastructure.

Most residents were evacuated from the island after the storm. The Bahamian Defense Force is providing security instead of the police.

The Prime Minister has outlined the plan to rebuild Ragged Island as the first completely "Green" island in the Bahamas.

Explorer Chart: RI-1 through RI-10
  • Airstrip on the S end of Ragged Island; 22º10.9'N, 75º43.8'W.
Air Service
  • Buena Vista Cay: There are several good anchorages on the W side. See RI-9, RI-9A.
  • Flamingo Cay: There are 2 good anchorage on the W side. See RI-5, RI-5A.
  • Hog Cay: There is a good, large anchorage on the SW side. See RI-10.
  • Ragged Island. Due to the shallow water, the best anchorage for a visit to Duncan Town is at the S end of Hog Cay. See RI-10.
  • Raccoon Cay: There are several good anchorages on the W side and S end. See RI-9, RI-9A, RI-9B
  • Water Cay: There are several good anchorages on the. W side. See RI-3, RI-3A.
Are Information / Tourism
  • Bahamas Area Websites. Sites that can be searched for tourist and business information throughout the Bahamas.
Art Gallery / Art
  • Louise's Sweet Shop. Need to order.
Bank & ATM
Beverage Store
Bike Rental
Boat Rental / Charter
Book Exchange / Charter
BTC / Batelco Office
  • Batelco Office; 242-344-1597; Duncan Town.
Car Rental
Cell Phone Service
  • The cell phone tower on Ragged Island provides good coverage of the surrounding area.
Coffee Shop
Cruisers Net
Customs & Immigration
Dinghy Landing
  • There is a pier at the S end of the inner harbor at Duncan Town that can be used as a dinghy landing.
  • The flats surrounding Ragged Island are prime bonefishing areas and there are local guides available.
Fresh Fish

Golf Cart / Scooter Rental
Government / Administrator
  • 242-344-1508. Ragged Island.
Groceries & Produce
  • Maxine's Drug & Groceries; 242-344-1526. Duncan Town. Small shop with limited supplies.
Hardware & Lumber
Ice Cream
  • Maxine's Drug & Groceries; 242-344-1526. Duncan Town.
Internet & WiFi
  • The new fishing lodge being built in spring 2009 offered internet access.

  • Maxine's; 242-344-2526. Apartments.
  • Ponderosa Bar & Grill. Rooms.
  • There is regular mailboat service on MV Captain C. The mailboat is the main source of transportation to Ragged Island. It sails weekly from Potter's Cay Dock in Nassau to Duncan Town. Departure: Tuesdays at 5:00 p.m
Marina & Dockage
Marine Supplies & Parts
Marine Services & Repairs
Medical / Clinic / Pharmacy
  • Government clinic; 242-344-1560. Resident nurse.
  • There are no moorings available in the area.
  • For information on transiting the Comer Channel, see Passage Reports.
  • The Hog Cay Cut is a good route for vessels with shallow to moderate draft. See the Explorer Chart
Packages & Shipping
Personal Services
  • 242-344-1528.
Post Office / Mail
  • 242-344-1517.
Restaurant & Bar
  • Sheila's Fisherman's Lounge; 242-344-1513. Duncan Town.
  • Percy's Eagle's Nest; Wilson Point.
  • Ponderosa Restaurant & Bar; 242-344-1504. Duncan Town.
Retail Therapy - Shopping
  • Maine's Drug & Groceries; 242-344-1526. Duncan Town.
Snorkeling & Scuba Diving

  • Good snorkeling on the small reefs along the W side of the cays.
  • The Duncan Town settlement community holds a Valentines Day celebration that recognizes the economic contribution of the community of cruisers who visit throughout the year. The celebration includes a buffet of traditional Bahamian foods. Join in! Contribute!
  • Sundowners / Meet & Greets are a tradition among the small communities of cruisers that form at each of the cays in the chain. Join in! Become a host & social sparkplug.
Things to See & Do


VHF Protocol
  • The Duncan Town settlement has installed a hose bib that supplies RO water for cruisers to fill jerrycans from dinghies.
  • Marine Weather Center; Daily SSB, webcast, & email forecasts by Chris Parker. Note: Best reception in this area is usually on 4045 KHz USB Simplex at 0630 AST.
  • Bahamas Met Office website provides weather forecast for local areas throughout the Bahamas.

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