Thompson Bay, Long Island

Settlements: Salt Pond Area: Salt Pond, Carlton Hill, Pinders, Pratts Hill, The Bight, Grays

Map of Thompson Bay

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Updated: 8 April 2019

Explorer Chart:
LI-1, LI-5, LI-6


  • There are two airports serving Long Island.
  • The main airport is located N of Thompson Bay.
  • There is a smaller airstrip serving Stella Maris at the N end of the island.

Air Service

  • Island Wings; 242-338- 0360/0028; 242-472-8888; Charter service. Located near Seafarer Marine.


  • The Thompson Bay anchorage is large with excellent holding in sand. Depth changes are gradual With a bit of care, a spot up inside the crook formed by Indian Hole Point peninsula and the main island can be reached with protection from W to SSE. Depths of 7' + carry close in to shore in the NE corner.

Area Events
  • There is an annual Regatta.
  • There is an annual Mutton Fest

Area Information / Tourism
  • Bahamas Area Websites. Sites that can be searched for tourist and business information throughout the Bahamas.
  • Long Island Visitors Guide. Online guide for visitors to augment free booklets distributed by local businesses.
  • Ministry of Tourism Office is located at Salt Ponds just N of the government pier. Stop in for information on the area.

Area Artists and Writers
  • Island Gems; 242-472-0171; Genuine handmade Bahamian sea glass jewelry. Salt Ponds.

Art Gallery / Art


Bank & ATM

  • Royal Bank of Canada; 242-337-0100 / 0101; ATM; Grays.
  • Scotiabank; 242-337-1029; ATM; Deadmans Cay

Beverage Store
  • J&K Liquors is located next to Hillside Grocery. Includes a gift shop and post office; M - Sat 0900 - 1800; Sun 0800 - 1300.

  • The next nearest beverage store is S near Deadmans Cay.

Bike Rental

Boat Rental
/ Charter
  • Book Exchange
  • There is a book exchange at the Ministry of Tourism Office, Salt Ponds.

BTC / Batelco Office
  • Office at Buckleys.
  • Phone cards sold by stores in Salt Ponds.


Car Rental
  • Rent-A-Ride Car Rental / Seaside Car Rental / Fox's Garage; 242-338-0140; 0041. Salt Pond.
  • Stan's; 242-338-8987; Millers.

Cell Phone Service
  • There is very good cell phone service in the area and anchorages with several cell towers along the shore. In March 2018 LTE data service was available from BTC; ALIV,


  • Anglican. St. Joseph's. Red roofed church N of cell tower. Sunday service at 1100.
  • Assembly of God. Sunday service at 1100.
  • Brethren.
  • Catholic.
  • Church of God.
  • Faith Mission.
  • First Assembly of God.
  • Union Baptist.

Coffee Shop

Cruisers Net
  • A cruisers net is conducted daily at 0815 on VHF Ch-18 by Penny ("Fairhaven" on VHF Ch-16), a local resident has taken this on to assist visiting boaters.

Customs & Immigration

Dinghy Landing

  • McKanns: Near restaurant Club Washington.
  • Salt Pond: Long Island Petroleum; new bulkhead with steps on N end; do not block access by vessels needing access for fuel or water.
  • Regatta Park: This facility located just S of the government pier, has been substantially upgraded. Rock has been excavated to form a sandy beach where it is possible to land dinghies.
  • Some local docks along shore allow brief use by cruises. Get permission before using any private pier.
  • Salt Pond: A new government pier was built in 2011 out of concrete with a sloping ramp for the RORO ships and mailboats. Depth = 8' @ MLW. There are cleats but only a cement bulkhead. Pier is 4' to 5' above high water. Ladders are located at shore end on N & S sides
  • Long Island Breeze dinghy dock is no longer in operation (March 2015).
  • Salt Pond: Approximately 0.5 nm S of the junction of Indian Hole Point and the main island, there are a number of wooden pilings at the base of a road leading down to the shore - remnants of the old government pier and next to these is a private concrete pier. Basil, the owner allows dinghy tie ups as long as access the outer face of the pier is not hampered; use wooden ladder; keep area around aluminum ladder clear. Do NOT use water point on pier which is for owner's use and they pay for the water. Fox Auto and Hillside grocery, etc. can be reached from this spot. While Basil has not requested this, cruisers have established a donation box in appreciation of the use of this great facility and to assist with upkeep. Be a good cruising citizen.

Basil's Pier, just N of cell tower.

  • Gray's Bight: Restaurant, bank, computer center within walking distance.



  • BASRA; VHF-Ch-16.

Farmers Market
  • A farmers market is held on Saturdays starting at 0800 to ~1200 in the lot by the cell tower in Salt Ponds. Fresh produce, bread, crafts, Bahamian foods are available.


  • Big Bone Fishing; 242-337-7228. Grays.
  • Bonefishing and deep sea fishing guides: Chester Fox, Jimmy Fox, Andy Fox; Salt Pond.

  • The mail boat, a modern ferry, serves the area and arrives at the Government Pier at Salt Ponds on Wednesdays
  • A fast ferry also serves the area arriving on Tuesdays.

Fresh Fish
  • Atlantic Fisheries; 242-338-0014. Salt Pond. Contact by VHF or phone to check on availability of fresh fish and lobsters.
  • Hardings Seafood; 242-338-0026 / 0034. Near fuel pier. Salt Pond.
  • Long Island Ocean Food; 242-338-0062. Salt Pond.
  • Pinder's Fisheries, 242-338-0104. Salt Pond.
  • "Sea Ranger": VHF Ch-16.


  • Long Island Petroleum; 242-338-0032; VHF Ch-16; Salt Pond. Fuel pier: A new concrete bulkhead has been built for diesel, gasoline and water distribution. There are steps to the water at the N end and a number of solid posts for tying off. Caution: there is ~4' at MLW alongside the bulkhead. Strong E winds push out the water giving lower tides. Check status and take advantage of the rising tide to approach pier. There is a metered water spigot. Diesel and gasoline can also be purchased from the service station using jerrycans. Large quantities of fuel (100's of gal) can be delivered to the government pier by pumper truck by making special arrangements. Hours: 0630-2000 curb; to 1600 pier. In March 2017, SV Onward surveyed the depth around the bulkhead at about high tide. There was ~7' at the bulkhead between the next-to-end posts at both the N & S ends of the piers. It shallowed rapidly at the N end to ~5' at high tide. There was 7' to 8' on the approach to the bulkhead between the next-to-end posts at both the N & S ends of the bulkhead.

Golf Cart / Scooter Rental

Government / Administrator
  • Ministry of Tourism, Long Island Office; 242-338-8668. Salt Ponds on road at government dock. Offers wifi access during office hours M-F.

Groceries & Produce

  • Farmers Market; Salt Ponds; in parking lot by cell tower. Saturdays; 0800.
  • Hardings Grocery & Supply ceased operations (Feb 2015).
  • Hillside Supplies / Price Busters; 242-338-0022; Salt Pond. A well-stocked grocery. Hours: 0800-2000 Monday - Saturday; 0800-1000; Sunday.

Hillside Supplies

  • Long Island Petroleum; 242-338-0032; VHF Ch-16; Salt Pond. Offers a well-stocked convenience store.
  • Midway Mini Mart; 242-337-7230. Grays.

Hardware & Lumber

  • Archie's Supply; 242-337-7146. Grays.
  • Harding's Lumber; ceased operations (Feb 2015).
  • KC2 Tools; 242-338-0015. Salt Pond. Located just N of Hillside Grocery; has a great selection of tools and home goods.

KC2 Tools


  • Atlantic Fisheries; 242-338-0014; Salt Pond.
  • Harding's Seafood; 242-338-0026; Salt Pond.
  • Hillside Supplies / Price Busters; 242-338-0022; Salt Pond.

Ice Cream
  • Hillside Supplies / Price Busters; 242-338-0022; Salt Pond.
  • Long Island Petroleum; 242-338-0032; VHF Ch-16; Salt Pond. Offers a well-stocked convenience store.

Internet & WiFi
  • The Long Island Sailing Club has made free wifi available at Regatta Park for cruisers. The router name is Fox; no password is needed,
  • The Ministry of Tourism Office, located on the main road at the government pier, offers wifi access during office hours M-F.

  • Laundromat; Deadmans Cay.
  • Laundromat; Stella Maris; ~30 min to N.
  • Laundromat; Hamiltons. A large and well maintained laundromat located about 30 min by car S of Salt Ponds. In Spring 2015 a local resident, Val Harding, 242-338-0178; will take loads of laundry to the laundromat, wash, dry, fold and return them for $10 a load on Tuesdays and Thursday (check for other times). Check with Ministry of Tourism for assistance.
  • Tiny's Hurricane Hole. 242-338-0149; Used to offer use of its washers and driers; $4 / load. In March 2019, they had to suspend this due to overload of their septic system; they may be able to offer the service again in the future.



  • Chez Pierre Bahamas; 242-338-8809. A French restaurant and bar on a beautiful Bahamian beach. Offers 4 beachfront cottages.
  • Bahamian Village; 242-338-0828; Indian Hole Point. Beachfront cottage rentals; fully equipped; daily, weekly, short term rentals.
  • C Shells Guest Quarters. Salt Pond.

  • Weekly mailboat, now a modern motor ferry, to Nassau; usually arrives at the Government Pier, Salt Ponds on Wednesdays; 1200-1400.

Marina & Dockage
  • It is possible to tie alongside the new government pier for short periods when a mailboat is not due. There are cleats but good fenders will be needed for cement bulkhead. Pier is 4' to 5' above high water. Ladders are located at shore end on N & S sides. Depths are ~ 8' at MLW.

Marine Supplies & Parts
  • Seafarer Marine Supply; 242-338-0094. Marine supplies; outboard sales and service. Salt Pond.

Marine Services & Repairs
  • Fox's Garage; 242-338-0041. Auto mechanic; Salt Pond.
  • Hardings Machine Shop; 242-465-3437. Les Harding. Located NE of Hardings Grocery. Machine shop, diesel mechanic; SS & Al welding. Cruiser's quote: "can do most anything".
  • Scott Harding. outboard mechanic; Salt Pond.
  • Seafarer Marine Supply; 242-338-0094. Outboard sales and service. Salt Pond.

Medical / Clinic
/ Pharmacy
  • Government clinic; 242-338-8488. Doctor and nurse on staff. Simms.
  • Dental Clinic; 242-338-0113: Dr. Ricardo Crawford. Appointments: Eileen; 242-337-7017; 242-472-2788. Salt Pond.
  • Total Health Center; 242-337-7022. Grays.


  • There are no moorings available for rental in the area.

  • The N anchorage just S of the Indian Hole Point peninsula is accessible by to boats with drafts >6' and offers excellent holding in sand. Depths to 7' @ MLW carry well in toward shore.
  • For information on transiting the Comer Channel, to the Jumentos see Passage Reports

Packages & Shipping
  • DHL; Nekia Shearer; 242-357-1414. Nancy Knowles; 242-337-1555.
  • Lightspeed Shipping; 242-323-7767; 242-810-5976; Contact: Nathalia Gibbs. A new operation serving Nassau, Eleuthera, and Long Island. Items sent to their shipping point in Pompano Beach FL will be transported by air to the local airport on the island. They will provide package tracking information and handle Customs. They will also provide personal shopping services from vendors in the Pompano Beach area. Use their website to set up an account to ship your package.

Personal Services

  • Marcie's Beauty Spot; 242-338-0136. Salt Pond. Many cruising women recommend her. Located S of Seafarer Marine.



  • Long Island Breeze is no longer in operation and the pool was destroyed by Hurricane Joachim.

Post Office / Mail
  • PO in Salt Pond is located in KC Liquors; 242-338-0015. Just N of Hillside Grocery. Salt Pond.
  • Pick-up of mail addressed to Yacht Name, Salt Pond, Long Island, Bahamas.


  • Long Island Gas; 242-337-2377. Cabbage Point.
  • Long Island Petroleum: On Wednesdays, the gas truck comes to LIP to fill gas tanks at mid-morning.


  • Chez Pierre Bahamas; 242-338-8809. A French restaurant and bar on a beautiful Bahamian beach. Offers 4 beachfront cottages.
  • Tiny's Hurricane Hole. 242-338-0149; A new beachfront resort with restaurant and bar that opened in 2016 by Jason Whitaker & Michelle Rickman is located on the S shore of the Indian Hole Point peninsula. There are two colorful beachfront bungalows for rent

Restaurant & Bar
  • Beach Bar at Beach Bungalows; Deal Beach. A new, beachfront bar & restaurant with a beautiful deck and interior spaces. Kayaks and small sail craft are available. Great food, drinks, and ambiance. A 20-min auto trip N of Salt Pond. In settled weather it is possible to anchor in deeper water well off shore and dinghy in. March 2012: 5 moorings are in place, 3 in 3.5' and 2 off N point in 7'.
  • Chez Pierre Bahamas; 242-338-8809. A French restaurant on a beautiful Bahamian beach. Chef Pierre presents a menu with variety and style featuring French, Italian, Continental & Caribbean dishes from fresh ingredients. A well-stocked mix-your-own bar adds to the enjoyment of the beachfront ambiance. Perhaps the best food you'll find in the Bahamas - don't miss the opportunity. Located on Millers Bay about 3 nm N of Salt Pond; 23º 24.1' N; 75º 11.2' W; N of the power plant. It is possible to anchor offshore and dinghy in.

  • Club Thompson Bay is no longer operating.
  • Club Washington; MCanns. Open Monday - Saturday. Located in blue building about 2 mi N of Salt Ponds. Marlene is the cook who specializes in Bahamian dishes.
  • Midway Inn Restaurant & Bar; 242-337-7345; Raquelle 242-472-0398. Grays. Located ~ 4 mi S of Salt Ponds. Karaoke on Wednesday nights.
  • Sou' Side Bar & Grill; 242-337-0177. Salt Pond. Located near Hillside Grocery. 1600- to
  • Tiny's Hurricane Hole. 242-338-0149; A beachfront restaurant and bar that opened in 2016 by Jason Whitaker & Michelle Rickman is located on the S shore of the Indian Hole Point peninsula. It is open for lunch and dinner. In March 2019, SV Onward found the food to be great and the ambience wonderful. Menu (March 2019) includes pizza, burgers-"best on the island", Tiny's Bowls (peas & rice, Brussels sprouts + pork or fish) — delish! You can call ahead to place an order. There are jetties on the E and W side of the property. The E jetty is composed of blocks of limestone and is just awash at high tide; it is marked with a post at the outer tip. A channel has been dug out just W of this jetty and carries about 3' depth to shore at high tide. A dinghy dock is available (March 2019). Hours: Wed - Sat 1200 - 2100+; Sun 1400 - 2100.

Retail Therapy - Shopping

  • Archie's Supply. Household goods; Grays.
  • Bonnie's Dry Goods. Grays.
  • Empowerment Centre; 242-337-0406. Computer and electronics sales and service. Grays. Pickup and delivery to Salt Pond.
  • Eyes of Love Photography. Grays.
  • Ever Green House. Native plants and flowers; Salt Pond.
  • Fox Gift Shop. Salt Pond.
  • Island Gems; 242-472-0171; Genuine handmade Bahamian Seaglass jewelry. Salt Ponds.
  • JVB Electronics. Salt Pond.
  • KC2 Tools; 242-338-0015. Salt Pond. Hardware, tools, home goods, gift shop; located just N of Hillside Grocery.


Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
  • Explore 3 small offshore blue holes and wrecked fishing boat. See Chart LI-6.
  • Reel Divers at Grotto Bay; 242-338-0011. Salt Pond.


Things to See & Do

  • Cave exploring; there is a large cave complex just N of Island Breeze Resort that reaches from near the shore to the edge of the highway. It can be accessed from the shore with care from a very small landing spot or from the highway with the permission of the owners of the home whose driveway and beach must be used.
  • Cave exploring: Hamiltons Cave - there is a huge cave complex located at Hamiltons, S of Salt Ponds. Leonard Cartwright conducts a ~45-min guided tour with information on the history, geology, and ecology of the amazing caves that his family have owned since the 1850's. Cost: $15 /person; well worth it. Stop at his house at the sign along the highway.

  • Blue hole exploring: there are 3 small offshore blue holes in Thompson Bay; see Explorer Charts.
  • Wreck: the remnants of a wrecked fishing boat are located in Thompson Bay; see Explorer Charts.
  • Deans Blue Hole. World's deepest blue hole at Turtle Bay N of Clarence Town.

  • Ocean beaches can be reached by a short hike starting at Club Thompson Bay. Go N along Queen's Highway and count 17 telephone poles on E side of road. A trail through the underbrush leads to a nice ocean beach.
  • Yoga; check Cruisers Net.


  • Explorer Charts and local mariners use the time of tides at Nassau plus ~2.5 hrs to determine local tide conditions. Strong E winds may extend this to >~2.75 hrs.
  • Tide at Comer Channel: Local mariners and the Explorer Charts recommend using the Nassau plus 1.5 to 2.0 hrs to determine local tide conditions at the central, Comer waypoint. Note see Passage Reports for information on the Comer Channel.

  • Government Pier; Dumpsters for cruisers' use located at SE corner of pier.
  • There is a cement pad in which to place trash bags along the road at Basil's pier that may be used by cruisers. MUST use bags.
  • Long Island Petroleum has a trash bin for customers use.
  • Do not use trash bins located in settlements for private homeowners and businesses. Cruisers must limit trash disposal to dumpsters at Government Pier and other designated locations only.


VHF Protocol

  • Standard protocol.
  • A daily cruisers net on VHF Ch-18 at 0800 conducted Penny ("Fairhaven" on VHF Ch-16 a hilltop resident.


  • Blue Diamond; 242-335-0367. RO water in 5-gal jugs.
  • Hardings Bulk Water; 242-338-0100. Salt Pond.
  • Long Island Petroleum; 242-338-0082; VHF Ch-16. Offers water at their pier at $0.30 / gal. Note: pier is in poor structural condition.
  • Superior Drinking Water; 242-337-1008. RO water in 5-gal jugs.


  • The Cruisers Net usually has a local weather segment.
  • Marine Weather Center; Daily SSB, webcast, & email forecasts by Chris Parker. Note: Best reception in this area is usually on 4045 KHz USB Simplex at 0630 AST.
  • Bahamas Met Office website provides weather forecast for local areas throughout the Bahamas.

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