Royal Island, Eleuthera

The harbor at Royal Island is well used by cruisers making the transit between the Abacos and destinations S. The island was once an estate and plantation that fell into ruins.

In 2007, a development group that supposedly involved Jack Nicklaus and Roger Staubach began a development that involves the entire islands and anchorage. A 200-slip marina is planned for the N central shore of the lagoon. A golf course is destined for the NE section while accommodations of serval types a planned for the W end.

January 2009
  • SV Onward found the development was under construction but appeared to be in suspension. T
  • here was a pier for boats and another for construction.
  • The buildings associated with the "Preview Village" a prospective buyers' visitors center were under construction.
  • There are no facilities for cruisers.
  • The developers discourage going ashore.

March 2012:
  • Construction equipment was still working on the island.
  • Development is apparently still in progress but at a slow pace.
  • A few more buildings have been built on the S shore of W end of the island.
  • The anchorage is open to cruisers.
  • Cruisers are discouraged from going ashore.

Explorer Chart:
EL-8, EL-8A


  • Royal Island Harbour is a great anchorage with 360º protection and good holding in sand in 6-10'.
  • Area Information / Tourism
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  • Internet / WiFi
  • BTC Cellular Data Service: In Jan 13, 3G data service was available in the area from Royal I to Current Cut I.
  • Navigation
  • There is a small cay in the center of the entrance to the anchorage. The deeper water is to the W of this cay.
  • To the E of this cay which may look more attractive, a submerged rock has been reported.
  • Note: This data is provided for information only. Navigation decisions are the responsibility of each captain and should be based on appropriate navigation charts for the area supplemented by local knowledge.
Updated: 11 Jan 13