North & Middle Bights

Map of Andros with facilities and attractions.

Settlements: AUTEC-2, Behring Point, Burnt Rock, Cargill Creek, Little Harbour, Moxey Town, Pinders

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Explorer Chart:
AN-5; AN-6; AN-7
  • Mangrove Cay Airport. 24º090.4'N, 77º35.5'W.
  • Moxey Town. 24º17.3'N, 77º41.1'W.
Air Service
  • Caribbean Aviation; 242-369-0777.
  • Western Air; 242-369-0003. Daily flights to Nassau.
Area Information / Tourism

  • Bahamas Area Websites. Sites that can be searched for tourist and business information throughout the Bahamas.
Art Gallery / Art
  • Four Kids Bakery; 242-369-0366. Little Harbour.
Bank & ATM
  • Bank of the Bahamas. Middle Bight.
Beverage Store
Bike Rental
Boat Rental / Charter
Book Exchange
BTC / Batelco Office
  • 242-369-0131. Mangrove Cay.
Car Rental
Cell Phone Service

  • Anglican, Baptist, Catholic in settlements.
Coffee Shop
Cruisers Net
Customs & Immigration
  • 242-368-2031. Central Andros.
Dinghy Landing
  • Cargill Creek, Bonefish lodges. North Bight.
  • Government dock. Caution shallow water and rocks. Moxey Town
  • This is a bonefishing area.
Fresh Fish

  • Texaco station, government dock Moxey Town.
Golf Cart / Scooter Rental
Government / Administrator
  • 242-369-0331. Middle Bight.
Groceries & Produce
  • Cargill Creek Convenience Store; 242-368-5221. North Bight, Cargill Creek.
  • Inez Grocery Store; 242-369-0303. Burnt Rock.
  • Jolley's. Moxey Town.
  • L&A General Store. Moxey Town.
  • Two Turn. Burnt Rock.
  • Jane & Sons. Pinders.
Hardware & Lumber
  • ALR Hardware & Building Supplies; 242-369-0365. Little Harbor.
  • Ralph Moxey's Hardware, Marine Supplies, and Tackle Shop.
  • Yamaha dealer. Cabbage Palms.
Ice Cream
Internet & WiFi
  • King's Laundromat. Moxey Town.
  • Nairn's Washhouse, Twin Shop. Pinders.
  • Two Turns. Burnt Rock.
  • Andros Bay Cottage. North Bight.
  • Andros Island Bonefish Club. North Bight.
  • Bonefish Charlie's Haven. North Bight.
  • Cargill Creek Fishing Lodge; 242-368-5129. North Bight, Cargill Creek.
  • Creekside Lodge. North Bight.
  • Mangrove Beach Hotel Resort; 242-369-0004. Pinders.
  • Moxey's Bonefishing Lodge; 242-369-0023. Little Harbour.
  • Sea View. North Bight.
  • Tranquility Hill Fishing Lodge. North Bight.
Marina & Dockage
Marine Supplies & Parts
  • ALR. Little Harbor.
  • Ralph Moxey's Hardware, Marine Supplies, and Tackle Shop.
  • Yamaha dealer. Cabbage Palms.
Marine Services & Repairs
Medical / Clinic / Pharmacy
  • Clinic; 242-368-5067. North Bight, Cargill Creek.
  • Government Clinic; 242-369-0089. Moxey Town.

Packages & Shipping
Personal Services
  • Mangrove Cay Police Station; 242-369-0083. Little Harbour.
Post Office / Mail
  • Mangrove Cay Post Office; 242-369-0494. Weekly mailboat to Moxey Town. Little Harbour.
  • Check with mailboat for shipment to Nassau for filling.
  • Mangrove Beach Hotel Resort; 242-369-0004. Pinders.
Restaurant & Bar
  • Alice Place Restaurant; 242-369-0406. Little Harbour.
  • Angler's Bar and Grull, Moxey's Guest House.
  • Cafe Deanna's; 242-369-0836. Burnt Rock.
  • Club Dust til Dawn; 242-369-0422. Pinders.
  • Fisherman's Rest. Moxey Town.
  • Mangrove Cay Club; 242-369-0733. Little Harbour.
  • Patrick's Take Away; 242-369-0077. Little Harbour.
  • Seaman's Club. Burnt Rock..
  • Stacey's Restaurant; 242-369-0161. Pinders.
  • Traveler's Rest. Moxey Town.
Retail Therapy - Shopping
  • Andros Island Bonefishing Club. gift shop.
  • Cabbage Palms Souvineers. Moxey Town.
  • Cargill Creek. straw shop.
  • Saunders Drugs & Notions; 242-369-0312. Pinders.
Snorkeling & Scuba Diving
Things to See & Do

  • Bonefishing.
  • Trash bins are available in settlements.
VHF Protocol

  • Marine Weather Center; Daily SSB, webcast, & email forecasts by Chris Parker. Note: Best reception in this area is usually on 4045 KHz USB Simplex at 0630 AST.
  • Bahamas Met Office website provides weather forecast for local areas throughout the Bahamas.

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