Navigation Aids

To put it mildly, the Bahamas is not noted for the quantity, quality, or reliability of navigation aids. So, it is very good news that an effort is now in progress to undertake improvements. See Below.

Improvement Effort Underway

  • A program to improve navigation aids has been initiated in the George Town Area.

  • Elizabeth Harbour Conservation Partnership has recently been established. It is a public-private partnership.

  • The Partnership has received official approval as a Bahamian non-profit organization.

  • Donations from cruisers are being accepted. An affiliation with a non-profit foundation in the U.S. is being sought as a way to encourage donations.

Cruisers Are Encouraged to Assist

  • Cruisers, report the status of navigation aids in the Bahamas. Send an email to the Guide at Subject: Navigation Aids; include pertinent information on the location and the status of the navigation aid.

  • Suggestions for navigation aid improvements in general are solicited.

Updated: 29 Mar 13